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Koner Residence Hotel

Deluxe General 305

Urban Style & Full Option

Residence Hotel

Deluxe General 305

도시형 레지던스호텔 코너의 모던스타일 객실입니다. 


  • 디럭스 단층 305

  • 9평형 / 단층

  • 원룸형_ 침실(더블침대),주방,욕실

  • Special_ 풀옵션, 분리형침실

  • 기준인원_ 2인기준 최대 4인 Deluxe General (Single Floor) 301

  • Deluxe General (Single Floor) 305

  • 29.7m2

  • Studio type_kitchen (double), bathroom

  • Special_ Full option, ideal bedroom

  • Standard number of people_ Maximum of 4 people based on 2 people


객실요금 및 예약안내사항을 확인해보세요.
Check the room rates and reservation information.

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